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Album: Holiday Classics
Genres: Christmas, Holiday
Moods: bouncy, Bubbly, Fun, Playful, seasonal, sweet
Album: Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: care-free, free, Fun, Lively, Playful, Quirky, Uplifting
Album: Oh Love
Genres: Pop, Today's Top 40
Moods:  emotional, airy, falling, heartache, hurting
Album: Fall Your Way
Genre: Blues Rock
Moods:  raw, Bluesy, broken, Edgy, Heartbroken
Album: Lucky Kinda Guy
Genres: Country, Unspecified
Album: Metamorphosis
Genres: Pop, Pop/Rock
Album: Damn Girl
Genre: Pop
Moods: Contemplative, Energetic, Lively, Upbeat, Youthful
Album: Departures
Genres: Alternative, Rock
Album: Version of Us
Genre: Pop
Album: Christmas
Genre: Holiday
Album: Rockin' Together
Genre: Rockabilly
Album: Tweed & the Sugardaddies
Genre: Rockabilly
Moods: Enigmatic, Foreboding, Menacing, Searching
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