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6/1/2015 RKVC Pens New Philadelphia Phillies Mascot Themes


Philadelphia, PA - May 26, 2015 - Throughout the pre-season, the Philadelphia Phillies teased a big surprise for their beloved mascot the Phillie Phanatic to celebrate his birthday. On Sunday, April 26th, 2015, that big surprise arrived in the form of the Phanatic’s best friends from the famed Galapagos Islands collectively known as the Galapagos Gang. The Galapagos Gang comprises of Bessie the Blue Footed Booby Sid the Sea Lion, Calvin the Giant Tortoise and Iggy the Land Iguana. As the bouncy new mascots entered the field, their high energy theme song could be heard pumped through the stadium speakers. The “Galapagos Gang Theme Song” was written by self-deprecating romantic pop rock duo RKVC with Christopher Bruce of Bruce Productions (both based in Wilmington). Bruce Productions was hired by the Philadelphia Phillies to deliver an original song to represent the Galapagos Gang and enlisted the talents of Rod Kim and Vince Cirino of RKVC. The “Galapagos Gang Theme Song” is also performed by RKVC.

Bruce Productions led by owner operator Christopher Bruce was commissioned by The Phillies to help the Galapagos Gang adapt from their island home to Philadelphia and Citizens Bank Park. Along with assisting The Phillies in making the Galapagos Gang feel comfortable in their new home, Bruce Productions was also charged with the task of producing the Theme Song that would brand the Galapagos Gang. Christopher Bruce says, “It was an honor to have such a great organization call upon my company to help them launch their new branding efforts with the Galapagos Gang. Bringing RKVC in to assist in making the Galapagos Gang Theme song a reality was a natural selection. They are a talented duo and had all the tools and skills to help make it happen.”

RKVC is a musical duo actively touring the US, members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Grammy Awards, winner of WSTW’s Homey Award for Best Pop Song three years in a row and recently released their latest album “Version of Us” available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play and physical CD and cassette tape formats. Music by RKVC is administered by SSA Musics). For more information on RKVC, visit http://rkvc.net

The Galapagos Gang now joins the Phillie Phanatic at Citizen’s Bank Park entertaining Phillies fans young and old with the “Galapagos Gang Theme Song” as their official anthem! For more info and pictures of the Galapagos Gang visit www.phillies.com.


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