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Lanark Records announces 52 Singles in 52 WeeksWhile Rockabilly and Roots are often labeled as “throwback” or “vintage” music, these genres have remained powerful, consistent, and relevant while other styles have come and gone.    Rockabilly fondly remembers the days that labels such as the legendary Sun Records led the industry with ... [ Read more ]

NEW PHILLIES MASCOTS’ THEME SONG PRODUCED & PENNED BY BRUCE PRODUCTIONS AND WILMINGTON DUO RKVC   Philadelphia, PA - May 26, 2015 - Throughout the pre-season, the Philadelphia Phillies teased a big surprise for their beloved mascot the Phillie Phanatic to celebrate his birthday. On Sunday, ... [ Read more ]

The Songwriter Equity Act – Stand With SongwritersThe Songwriter Equity Act – Stand With Songwriters #StandWithSongwriters Support the Songwriter Equity Act Stand with your fellow songwriters/artists and support this act. It is an important beginning to effect copyright change that will protect all rights fairly in the digital age. Spread the ... [ Read more ]

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